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SCHOLASTIC – a complete ERP for Schools
SCHOLASTIC is a flexible and powerful generalized school automation software. This software is designed on a theme to reduce data redundancy and all the repetitive works involved in co-related processes, e.g. in your manual system (Manual system does not always mean that you are working with pen and paper, but it also includes working on spread sheet and simple MIS or stand alone software modules) every time, while creating a report or printing a receipt you might need to input multiple entries again and again , each and every time you work. But, our integrated software is properly planned single point integrated system facilitating zero redundancy, inter module information exchange and thereby saving a lot in the form of time and manual efforts. The easy-to-follow cascading menus, toolbars, tabs, scroll boxes and data entry screens ensures a very friendly user-interface. The software is well equipped with security and data validating features. It has built-in Backup utility to provide backup for the precious data & records. Use SCHOLASTIC to usher-in the e-age into your school. This software makes your working smooth while saving around 80% of manual work load, leading into a hassle free and paper less school management.

User Friendly: “Scholastic” is a Windows based software, hence its GUI (Graphical User Interface) helps user to understand, grasp and use the software much simply. With our experience of hundreds of “Scholastic” users, it is a proven fact that while operating on SCHOLASTIC one doesn’t need any sort of special computer expertise, except few very basic computer skill set.

Admission Module: This is a very important process in any school. As students apply, appear for admission tests, SCHOLASTIC helps you minimize the time & manpower required to publish merit list etc. And as the admission happen, SCHOLASTIC records every single relevant data that may be required in the schools even after the student has stepped into Universities after passing out of the school. The Admission module takes care of the applicants’ data entry, publication of shortlists (if any), admission-test marks entry & results preparation, automatic gradation based upon customized criteria, publication of merit list, admission of selected students, collection of fees & printing of fees bills. SCHOLASTIC creates a complete improvised automated solution for your admission process.

Students Module: All personal & academic records of a student are kept secured and easily accessible through this module. Any combination reports can be asked for and delivered in a minute for any number of students across any number of years, just at the stroke of a button. The students’ module handles personal records, academic activities records, extra-curricular activities records, sports activities records and the fees records of a student. The versatile and flexible structure makes it possible for you to get a report on proficiency in singing Rabindra-Sangeet or other, playing Football or other etc within a second at the stroke of a button.

Teachers Module: All personal academic and career related matters of every teaching /non-teaching member of the school are kept through this module. Leave records are there for you to just at the press of a button. Details of qualification of the teachers and the area of experience are also stored for ready reference during routine generation. All financial records of a teacher as well as all non-teaching staffs can be kept and the payroll can be generated in a matter of seconds. Pay calculation, as per ROPA and all regular increments are done by the software very effectively with very little efforts. Just imagine the convenience of getting the latest balance in a teacher’s PF account any day any time just at the stroke of a button.

Routine Module: We have seen that creating a routine at the beginning of an academic session is a very complex affair in a school. Imagine finishing this daunting task in less than an hour. Managing day-to-day absence by finding suitable replacement teachers too is just two-minute affair at the beginning of the day.

Examination Module: This is another huge exercise for the schools. Once the papers are over and the teachers are through with evaluation, the teachers just need to enter the numbers against the students through an easy drop down but SECURE entry-screen. Once the numbers are all in, while tabulation sheet creation takes one fraction of a second, mark-sheet creation takes another fraction of the second. That saves a lot of time and energy of teachers by eradicating duplication of work.

Accounts Module: This module is so powerfully designed that anything and everything relating to accounts section of a school is automated. From due fees calculation to actual fees collection and fees bill printing for the students.

Entire payroll of all the employees and all kinds of reports required for statutory norms of the schools can be created in seconds. Reports according your customized format can be had from the software.

Security Options: One of the key features of SCHOLASTIC is the Security. SCHOLASTIC has a utility to create user and there passwords, you can allocated different rights and duties to different user, a user can work only on the specified areas of the software i.e. if you want your fees operator should accept fees only and he/she should not work on master forms and MIS reports then you can do so with an easy to use GUI utility. Users have multi-level security like User-level, Administrative and Form-level Security. You have a facility to export import the entire database in a CD so that you can keep regular backup of all the databases.

Services: One year absolutely free on-site software support through a trained team of professional support Executives along with two years Tele-support via dedicated help Line.