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Multimedia Learning CD Rom

We have developed multimedia e-learning CDcontents in Bengali for the Secondary students of the state of West Bengal, under the brand 'Project e-school'. These e-learning contents have been developed for Life Science, Physical Science & Geography for the Madhyamik Board curriculum catering VII th, VII th, IX th & X th standards.

We have developed Multimedia e-learning packages to teach Computer in self-paced learning method. The same has been developed in Bengali, English & Hindi. These packages are also teaching aid for our faculties in our Computer Training Classes. Students find these packages really entertaining & effective aids to learn computers.

Salient Features

The Educational multimedia content software on subjects like Life Science, Physical Science to start with. This software will be a great aid to the students who will be able to “see” & learn through virtual reality. For Example, in our Books, Blood Circulation System & the mechanism of the exchange of oxygenated & de-oxygenated blood in the human heart is explained through words & some figures with arrow marks on them. But our multimedia content software makes the whole process animated & the actual motion & its repercussions are shown to the students through 3D animation & virtual reality. This creates a lasting impression on the student’s mind as they are able to visualize their subjects. And the best part – all in local colloquial language.

Versions Available
a. Retail Version: Technology designed and Intended for individual users

b. Institutional Pack Version: Technology designed and intended for institution/group users. (5/10/15/20 User License Pack)

Subject “Jibon Bigyan” Subject “Bhouta Bigyan”
Standard VII
Standard VIII
Standard IX
Standard IX
Standard X
Standard X


Bengali Educational Multimedia Contents

Class VII/L.Sc (Jibon Bigyan)


Class VIII/L.Sc (Jibon Bigyan)


Class IX/L.Sc (Jibon Bigyan)


Class X/L.Sc (Jibon Bigyan)


Class IX/P.Sc (Bhouta Bigyan)


Class X/P.Sc (Bhouta Bigyan)


Features at a Glance




Infrastructure requirement



For the Retail Version multimedia CDs: The Contents on CDs run automatically on inserting inside CD ROM Drive hence does not require any specific training. However, considering a new technology being implemented at School level, all technical information needed would be provided through a dedicated Help Desk.

For the Institutional Version CDs: The installation is guided via auto installation, hence does not require any specific training. But considering a new technology being implemented at School level, a on-site demonstration on installation & navigation is provided to the teachers concerned. Every Educational Multimedia CD comes with a self explanatory manual cum guide book, written in local language. Any technical supports needed are also entertained through a dedicated Help Desk.


Training of School Staffs

This is a “Train the Teacher” initiative, a service provided FREE to concerned subject teachers of the Schools on installation and usage of the contents.(Only for Institutional Pack)


Help Desk supports or information

Any technical support or information needed are entertained through a dedicated round the clock Help Desk.