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Course on Desktop & Laptop
HP Course Modules
Computer Fundamental, Basic and Digital Electronics
Computer Block Diagram
Memory Structure
RAM, ROM Details
Basic Electronics symbol
Identification of electronics components and various Digital GATES function
Laptop and Desktop
  Various components function Working
Process like MOTHER BOARD, RAM, Processor
Expansion slots, various ports, connection etc.
Power Supply
  Details of SMPS power supply
Laptop Adaptor
Battery function
Testing and Servicing
Computer Drives
  Install and uninstall of Computer drives like SDD, DVD writer etc.
Assembling and De-assembling of PC and Laptop
How to Assemble and De-assemble Desktop and Laptop Computer and
Various components of a PC and Laptop
  Detail functions and service techniques of CRT, LCD, TFT
Replace the procedure Laptop LCD screens
Installing operating systems and system drivers
  Installation process of various operating systems like vista, windows7 and system drivers
Computer Viruses
  Concepts of Virus, Antivirus, Internet threats, worms etc.
  Scanning and Update process of computer antivirus
Printer and Scanner
  De-assembling of DMP
Troubleshooting of Laser Jet Printer and Scanner
Servicing process of Power supply, Logic Board
Printer Cartridge and Toner Refilling
Troubleshooting of Hardware and software
  In-Hand solutions of various Hardware and Software problem
How to solve different problems in desktop and Laptop Computer
BIOS updating process of Mother Board.